Monday, October 7, 2013


I have been thinking lately if I should start designing a new collection for suvi ainoa again. Suvi ainoa was always a labor of love, an extension of myself. but I have to put it on hold when I was overwhelmed by a full time job,  a family to look after. And at that moment, you put yourself the last on the list, that was when I put suvi ainoa last on the list.

I received this picture from a Finnish friend, she bought this dress from my 1st collection when her daughter was still a tiny little baby. 4 years later, the dress finally fits her. That baby is a beautiful little girl now.

Thank you Hertta. I like the Finnish forest too.


  1. Oh yes! Your creations are so tender. If you could that would be wonderful! (and for little boys too...)

  2. Beautifull ! This little girl, the dress, and picture ! ;-)

  3. words into action. no more distraction. do what really makes you happy :)

  4. Dear Yanyan,
    how beautiful! Goldilocks in Finland. I hope you'll resume Suvi ainoa, you're so talented.

  5. Dear Yanyan , do what your heart longs for.... no excuse:) Greetings!