Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's day

I wish you all had a happy mother's day.

Daddy and kids made me a lovely card. Water color painted in pink on a big heart shaped card. Landon and Nea were holding it together, said, 'surprise!' when I came to the kitchen. Landon wrote every letter by himself. He still gets confused by 'd' and 'b', so he signs his name : Lanbon instead Landon.

Daddy baked a beautiful cake with strawberry, banana and chocolate, Nea cried when we cut the cake, she thought we ruined it.

Daddy took the kids to the zoo, I watched TV until noon, camped in the sofa, had tea and cake, watched a silly comedy, one episode after another. Laughed so hard, tears were running.

Went shopping in the afternoon. Tried on a few clothes, got discouraged and bored, decided it was time to start dieting...again...

In the evening, I was texting with my friend Erika, I told her I was hiding in the guest bedroom, so the kids wouldn't know I was home and I wouldn't need to give them the bath tonight. She texted me back : LOL

I love mother's day, one day a year, I can be a little 'selfish' without feeling guilty ;)


  1. What a happy mother's day, dear Yanyan. With a so precious present. Here, it come later, in June, and I'm looking forward my selfish day:)

  2. Dear Yanyan
    Happy mother's day!
    How nice present!
    I always admire you because you are so wonderful mother.